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About the Global Wrestling Alliance

The Global Wrestling Alliance is a fantasy wrestling league whose matches are held live in the GWA Arena, a custom made chat room for our game. You choose your wrestler's moves, what risks he takes and when he tries to finish the match. The results are determined by a combination of strategic choices that allow you to build momentum and the luck of chat room dice. While your chosen stats stay largely the same throughout the season, you gain more experience as you continue to wrestle, both literally and as a numerical bonus.

How is this different than a simulator e-fed?

-Choice: You can control your wrestler, both through actions in the ring and promos on the Roleplay boards. You can choose a style that fits your wrestler and change it from match to match.

Real time: You won't have to wait for results. You know if you've won or lost the moment the match ends in the chat.

-Stats/Builds: Simulators put different weights on different stats, which means that you could make a bad decision at the start and you'll only be able to beat other people who made similar decisions. In the GWA, any set of stats could potentially win any given match.

How is this different than an angle or roleplay e-fed?

-Effort/Time: Those types of feds take a lot of time to plan everything out and get roleplays fully written in a coherent fashion, and they need deadlines to keep things moving at a reasonable pace. These deadlines also tend to cause stress, which can affect the quality and substance of roleplays. The GWA encourages people to roleplay, but there is no strong need for deadlines.

-Bias: As much as people try to avoid it, bias exists in e-wrestling. Some people like longer roleplays with flowery prose, and other people like roleplays that simulate what actual wrestling promos are like. By turning the matches into live events, there is no outside bias that will influence matches other than in-ring activities.

How are things done?

Twice a week, on Tuesdays at 7 PM Eastern and Sundays at 4 PM Eastern, live events take place in the GWA Arena. There will also be special events announced on the GWA site (typically every 6 weeks). A referee will be present at the events to officiate matches. The Rulebook provides the rules on what you can choose to do during matches, and you should be familiar with the rules before participating in matches.

This sounds like my sort of thing. How do I get started?

Fill out an application. One thing to remember is that the GWA only accepts original wrestlers. Using the names of actual professional wrestlers is against the rules, because we don't want one of the big companies to start sending us legal letters. On another note, remember that there are other people who will be referring to you by your wrestler's name. If you're not comfortable being called something, don't pick that as your wrestler's name.

That's it? Just a little form?

Yep. That form is everything. Once you're on the Roster page, you can sign contracts to wrestle matches and participate in pickup matches on the two days of shows. You'll also want to create a screen name for your wrestler in the GWA Arena and sign up for the Roleplay boards. Have fun!

Did You Know?

-Open continuously for over a decade, and dating back to the 1990s, the GWA was recognized as the Internet's longest-running fantasy wrestling league.

-For a number of years, the GWA had its own keyword on AOL and was America Online's only official fantasy wrestling league.

-The GWA was the last official fantasy wrestling league of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).

-The GWA was the direct predecessor of the National Wrestling Council (NWC), which was founded by its alumni.

-For almost four years, the GWA charged $14.95 every six months for membership. The GWA is now FREE to all members.